We do much more than monitor your security infrastructure. With our security specialists, we can help develop your security strategy, undertake risk and vulnerability assessments on your environment, and help deliver end-to-end security architecture.

ICT's Director of Security Jordan Del-Grande will take you through the evolving world of IT security threats such as web application attacks, cybercrime & hackers.

Global Threat Report

The Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) is an infusion of data from the ICT Group Security companies’ global customer base. You will find threat intelligence, case studies, guidance and facts that include costs related to security incidents. The report outlines the Analysis of Three Billion Attacks in 2013, Reveals SQL Injections Cost $196,000 and Anti-Virus Solutions Fail More than Half the Time. The report also focuses on five critical areas of security: threat avoidance, threat response, threat detection, investigative and response capabilities.