As a premium global IT provider leading the world in research and development, our commitment to the latest technology and innovation has led us to be market leaders in the provision of Cloud Computing Services & Solutions to enterprise and government clients around the world.

You’re invited to take part in the Cloud Computing revolution and leverage virtual, scalable and flexible IT infrastructure that offers a myriad of cost-saving, efficiency and security benefits for any or all of your critical operations.

With NTT ICT, you access a complete solution from a single point of contact and tailored to your requirements. We’ll find the best match for your requirements from a range of options, oversee implementation and provide unparalleled customer service.

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Benefits for using Cloud Computing Services & Solutions

Our Cloud services are engineered to deliver flexibility, scalability, reliability, security and ease of use while offering the whole range of benefits of Cloud computing:

  • Cost savings:
    • Less spending on IT infrastructure and capital costs
    • Less spending on IT staff and training
    • Achieving economy of scale
  • Efficiency:
    • Streamlined and optimised processes
    • Work and data accessible to staff and management at all times
    • More effective monitoring
    • Ability for your workforce to operate effectively over a wide region or globally
    • Quicker updates and responses to issues
  • Security:
    • Data is stored and backed up in the cloud
    • Better information security
    • Pay-as-you-go services eliminate risk of investments in infrastructure and software

These are only some of the major benefits of Cloud computing. Discover more as well as additional Cloud services that will optimise your business’s performance and quality of services.

Public Cloud

An on-demand, self-service cloud designed to meet your requirements for reliability, security and agility.

Private Cloud

A dedicated high-quality and easy-to-manage server infrastructure through which you can operate your business with the highest confidentiality.


Combining the best features of public cloud technology with the customisability of private cloud platforms.

Cloud Enablement

If you’re not sure what type of Cloud best suits your business – let us help.

Solaris as a service

A cloud environment built to leverage the strengths of the Solaris Sparc architecture.

High Performance Computing

Thousands of CPU cores and terabytes of memory – our HPC can help reduce processing time for even the most complex operations.

Disaster Recovery

NTT’s cloud Computing Services & Solutions are ideal for disaster recovery applications and will help you meet your business’s security, privacy, and recovery objectives.


Choose the best Cloud service for you

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